Why Work with Decide?

We empower consultants with the tools and the methodologies to ensure companies are making real, predictable improvements to their bottom line.

Level the Playing Field

As a business consultant, you already understand the value of building client relationships and delivering real, measurable value to your clients. Consistently providing value helps you stay embedded, gain new clients and build a lasting portfolio of repeat business.

Decide gives you access to a world-class tool for innovation and corporate transformation that rivals those used by the highest-paid consultancies.


Scale Your Impact

  • Lead company executives through a structured process of science-backed decision-making to achieve tangible results and increase employee engagement
  • Teach companies a better process for decision-making that will have a lasting impact on their financials and their approach to innovative decision-making
  • You can’t be on-site all the time, so our tool allows you to leverage the expertise of the employee base to not only generate great ideas, but to actually own them

Make More Money

  • Present your clients with a valuable, structured way to get employee input on innovative ideas, manage those ideas and ensure the right information is collected and approval is received
  • This can be a stand-alone offering or an additional revenue-stream for your firm that makes decision-making effective and predictable
  • Gain deeper insights into your clients’ business challenges and opportunities, with early warning if things start to go off track

Work From Anywhere

  • You can’t always be in the office, but you can check in and keep tasks moving with our cloud-based platform
  • Improve your personal efficiency by checking in when needed from anywhere in the world

Apply Now to Become a Partner

We are currently evaluating and selecting firms and individual consultants who are building practices in

  • earnings improvement
  • operational excellence
  • transformation
  • and related fields

To join us in using proven techniques and technology to make corporate decision-making more engaging and effective.

We will provide the tool and the training you need, along with complete support and a certification program.

Please contact us today to schedule a discussion to assess mutual fit.