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Success Across Multiple Industries

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Mortgage Banking

Large US mortgage service company doubled productivity and cut costs by 50% with only a minor investment.

Health System

Continuous improvement program at $800M company resulted in 4x increase in operating margin.

Direct Marketing

A $500M private direct marketing company improved ability to execute and delivered $85M in earnings in 1 year.

Health Insurance

Large US health insurer prioritized ongoing improvements and added $200M/yr to operating income. 

B2B Electronics

$850M US division experienced a major turnaround, generating $45M+ in operating income as well as operational streamlining.

Digital Marketing

$400M web advertising provider identified over 200 cost-saving ideas to drive an additional 10% of revenue to the bottom line.

Medical Devices

Grew revenue of $1B company and increased operating margins by 15 percentage points in return to profitability.

Home Healthcare

$1B industry leader implemented over 100 innovative ideas, generating $40M in operating income.


Resort company experienced major turnaround: becoming profitable, increasing efficiency and streamlining processes

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