How Do Companies Benefit?

Your clients will see real financial results, increase employee engagement and make better decisions across the organization.


Tangible Client Benefits

Are your clients implementing earnings initiatives or continuous improvement and innovation programs? Did you know that studies show 70% of them will fall short, by an average of 46%?

You can be part of the change!

Adding Decide to your expert knowledge and experience, you will have precise data showing you exactly which levers to pull to improve profitability.


Tactical Margin Improvement

  • ¬†Lead your clients through¬†a rigorous, well-defined process to identify specific, detailed changes that will improve the organizations’ profitability.
  • Recruit and enlist support from key approvers who could potentially block the flow of ideas and projects.

Leverage the Employee Base

  • Include more employees and generate more ideas from a broad base of interested, intelligent people.
  • Increase employee acumen through experiential decision-making and value creation.
  • Establish a company culture of innovation and involvement.

Operational Improvements

  • Reduce risk in execution by having better details on which to make critical business decisions.
  • Broad involvement at all levels to provide and validate decision inputs means stakeholders are more likely to perform and initiatives are more likely to succeed.

Apply Now to Become a Partner

We are currently evaluating and selecting firms and individual consultants who are building practices in

  • earnings improvement
  • operational excellence
  • transformation
  • and related fields

To join us in using proven techniques and technology to make corporate decision-making more engaging and effective.

We will provide the tool and the training you need, along with complete support and a certification program.

Please contact us today to schedule a discussion to assess mutual fit.