About Decide Tech

We Are Dedicated to a Better Decision-Making Process

    Our software has been in use and continually improved and developed to provide consultants with a world-class tool that works as well or better than tools used by TOP consulting firms.

    Empower Employees to Create Lasting Value

    Employees feel valued because their voices are heard; they learn HOW business decisions are really made.

    Dramatically Grow Innovation and Earnings

    Clients have seen 3-10% of revenue dropping to the bottom line through the use of our technology.

    Avoid Surprises That Derail Improvement Efforts

    Ideas area collected with a) the right information and b) the right approvals.
    No surprises!

    Proven Track Record of Successful Innovation

    Our cutting-edge decision-making tool is backed by the latest in decision science and has been proven to:

    • Dramatically increase earnings and efficiency
    • Instill a culture of continual innovation
    • Drive employee engagement across all levels
    • Provide a level of visibility and transparency that helps companies avoid unpleasant surprises

    Successful Corporate Implementations

    Years Experience Growing Companies


    Approved Ideas Implemented On-time

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    Please reach out to us if you have any questions or would like additional information.

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